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SCAM ALERT; 1948 Chief CDH2119/3482219

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A person contacted me for some analysis of a bike that was recently available on Craigslist, Long Island, NY. The story was that the bike was purchased from an elderly gentleman a week ago, and now the bike was for sale for $15,000.00. I recognized the bike from the photographs and the current owner was not an elderly gentleman. The bike is question can be seen in eBay listing #171746885894, which ended in April of this year. The bike is a 1948 Chief CDH2119/3482219. I just checked and the listing can still be viewed on eBay. The photos that are being used in the Craigslist scam are the same ones used in the eBay listing. The Craigslist bike is not actually for sale by the true owner, and I contacted the true owner for his permission to post this SCAM ALERT.
The scammer's contact information is:

Mark Harper , Sales Manager
Blue Ridge Auto Sales
1503 W Blue Ridge Dr, Greenville, SC 29611
P: (864) 990-3132
F: (888) 753-0030

This type scam occurs now and then, and the only way to stop it, is to check all bikes carefully, and if criminal activity is suspected; report it. Anyone wanting further information can contact me at: Steven Bailey