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Indian Trailblazer

david weeds
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Hi from France - I have an "Indian Trailblazer" shipped to the USA by Brockhouse in '57; it is, of course, a Royal Enfield Super Meteor (why the brits thought they could sell red-painted Enfields as Indians is beyond me - especially after closing the Springfield factory). It came back to the UK in 2007 (I have its' full history from then on), being later restored as an Enfield.

As the tank and engine badges are available, I'd like to put it back to its "false Indian" identity - is there any way I can research its USA history? Matching original frame and engine numbers are still in place, it had 40,000 mls on the clock when it came back (not verifiable).

Any help/leads would be much appreciated - I know that the words Indian and post-1953 don't sit too well with you guys over there, but hey, why not have another one? After over 60 years, it's surely as close to being an Indian as the current offerings?

Cheers, Weedsy