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1949 Indian Vertical Twin For Sale

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1949 Indian Vertical Twin Motorcycles (Model 249)

The motorcycle came from "Vertical Engineering", which as I understand it was a partnership that assembled 6 or more complete bikes in the early 1970s from NOS parts that originated with the estate of a former Indian stockholder. The engine was recently returned from a lengthy stay in a shop and has been upgraded to 1950 "TT" engine internals.
I paid to have everything rebuilt, and the engine has zero miles on it.  It is clean, pretty and red, and has some paint issues due to shipping.

Odometer shows 1,054 miles.
Everything but the paint was rebuilt/refurbished during a
comprehensive‚ professional mechanical restoration.
Graceful  gull-wing bars, black leather solo seat, new battery and tires,
Warrior trim. Included are reproduction manuals. Located in Seattle,
Washington. Buyer pays all shipping costs.
This is an beautiful bike. You can not purchase an unrestored bike and restore it for the amount I am asking.
My loss is your gain. Serious inquires only.


For information on purchasing similar Motorcycles:
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