Sunday, November 28, 2021

1912 Indian Single hits the street after a silly start up with Jay Leno!



1912 Indian Single is a two-wheeler that Jay Leno just couldn’t pass up. In this episode he highlights the stock 1912 Indian Single and talks to its owner. The motorcycle was part of the Motorcycle Cannonball Ride and given its age, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it out. Yes, this 1912 Indian Single can still hit the streets. It’s owner Alex Trepanier tells us more about its history.

According to him, the 1912 Indian Single has been in their family since before he was born. His dad bought it for $650, back in 1962. Leno, of course, was pretty quick to offer twice the price. However, in this state, the 500cc bike has a current market value in the $70,000 range. Given the fact that it is unrestored and is still functional, the prize range makes sense.

When it comes to power, the 1912 Indian Single has a 4-horsepower single-speed. It has completed more than  3,000 miles in the Cannonball event. Also, it features a total-loss lubrication system. Thus, an interesting fact is that the engine probably consumed 5 quarts of oil each day.

Nevertheless, what Jay Leno is trying to point out is how much effort was put into making motorcycles in the early days. Not many could do it as Indian’s hand clutch and twist-grip throttle was pretty challenging. That’s why it took several false starts by Leno to make the vintage thumper run along. The 1912 Indian Single motorcycle’s top speed is around 35 mph.

But be that as it may, it surely is an exceptional experience to hop on this machine nowadays. The sound of the engine isn’t as pleasant as you would imagine but, all in all, it’s totally worth it. Check it out!

Source: 1912 Indian Single hits the street after a silly start up with Jay Leno!

The Worlds Fastest Indian Trailer


If you haven’t watched the movie or trailer for awhile. Give it a look again and remind yourself how much fun this movie is to watch! As a sidenote Anthony Hopkins is great as Burt Munro!

Indian Hill Climbers with Dale Walksler


Ready for some Indian Hill Climber history? Join Dale Walksler from Wheels Through Time Museum as he talks about a couple of his motorcycles.


A dramatic start to the video enthralls the viewer with the sight and sounds of the Hill climbing Indians.

1928 and 1939 Indian Motorcycles are discussed in detail. Dale Walksler takes the viewer through salient points of the alcohol fuelled Serial Number A61-1 machine as the camera zooms and pans over the detail of the patina. The history of the bike is covered along with photograph of the rider racing the hill climber.

Dale describes the mechanical attributes of the motor and explains why it is so special!

His attention is then taken to the 1939 B Scout hill climber…only 18 if the bikes were ever built. The motorcycle is in exceptional condition which stands as testament to the racers skill. The condition is also original, right down to the tyres. The serial FCI 18 determines the motorcycles correctness as a factory hill climber… one of the best surviving Indian hill climber in America.

100 Year Old Indian – Getting ready for a ride


Dale & Matt Walkser preparing a 100 year old Indian for a ride after sitting for over 80 years!