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Hi,   My name is Kim Holmesley.  I'm the Owner of Innovative Sealing Solutions in Phoenix, AZ.  We manufacture gaskets and supply o-rings, and seals for the Powerplus 100" motor.  We were the OEM supplier for the original Indian Motorcycle Company and we are on-board with the new Indian Motorcycle Company in North Carolina.  I have been involved with Indian Motorcycles since '99 when the first bikes hit the production line.  I have over 250 Indian dealerships that I also supply gaskets, o-rings, and seals to.  I just wanted to extend my services to all of the Indian riders out there that might be looking for gaskets. seals, and o-rings for their IMC motorcycle.  I also have suppliers list for all types of parts you might need for your bike.  Please feel free to contact me.  Thank-you for your time.

Kim Holmesley, Innovative Sealing Solutions  (602) 944-4250